Parent Portals

West Aurora School District 129 utilizes three parent portals to access information that support your students success.

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Internet Essentials 


Students and parents can get tech assistance through calling (630) 301-5038 or by emailing 
between the hours of
8 am and 4 pm,

*To clarify, this service provides tech support only and operators will not be equipped to answer other questions nor give homework assistance.

Schoology Logo


West Aurora School District 129 utilizes Schoology as our learning management system. 

Teachers use Schoology to:

  • Post classroom materials online
  • Provide a safe forum for students to discuss their ideas and collaborate on projects
  • Assign and collect homework electronically. Schoology helps students stay organized and connected

A Schoology Parent Account gives you access to:

  • Your student’s classes, grades, and assignments
  • School and class announcements
  • Schoology makes it easy for parents to stay involved in their student’s education


Schoology Support Page




West Aurora School District 129 utilizes Seesaw as a digital portfolio and parent communication tool for our PK-5th grade students. Student portfolios will follow them each year through 5th grade.

Seesaw is available on the web at and the Seesaw Family App is available for Apple and Android devices.

Teachers use Seesaw to:

  • Assign Activities online
  • Provide feedback to students
  • Check for student understanding to inform their instruction
  • Communicate with parents and students through Class Announcements
  • Communicate privately with parents through individual messaging

A Seesaw Parent Account gives you the ability to:

  • See just your child’s work
  • Comment with words of encouragement on your child’s work
  • See important information posted by the classroom teacher using Class Announcements
  • Communicate privately with your child’s teacher through individual messaging
Home Access Center

Home Access Center

West Aurora School District 129 utilizes the Home Access Center as a tool that allows guardians and students to examine student academic and registration data. 

A Home Access Center parent account gives you access to:

  • Register for school each year (living with guardians only)
  • Your student's schedule - Grades 6-12
  • Your student's homeroom - Grades PreK-5
  • Your student's attendance records
  • Your student's transportation information including bus number and estimated pick up and drop off times
  • Your student's report card (dependent on building and grade level)

Registration Help Guide