About Us

Blackhawk Academy Mission Statement

Blackhawk Academy’s mission is to promote an environment dedicated to challenging and supporting students academically, emotionally, and socially through modeling and meaningful interaction. This is achieved through a safe, structured, and quality educational environment that fosters responsibility, achievement, self-confidence, and mutual respect. Blackhawk Academy proudly serves students within three programs: SUCCESS Academy, the Connections program and the Transition program 


Through a student-centered, strengths-based approach, academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs are identified and addressed. Interventions targeting students’ academic and behavioral needs promote success and educational engagement. With ongoing support and encouragement, students will learn new skills that will benefit their overall functioning and preparedness for future academic, career, and life opportunities.


  • To provide an educational environment that supports the individual student’s social emotional needs in a structured environment.
  • To foster the development of increased self-worth and pride.
  • To promote increased student engagement, thereby encouraging increased attendance, academic responsibility, and positive behavior choices.
  • To create a transition plan to support the student’s return to his/her home school.
  • To maintain a student’s enrollment in District 129 in lieu of a recommendation for exclusionary discipline, grades 6-12.
  • To provide opportunities for career and postsecondary exploration.